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With their pure simplicity, appealing screens and portability, tablets have rapidly risen in popularity over the recent past. New models are popping up constantly, with each promising a whole range of capabilities and features. It hence becomes understandable why some consumers find it hard to make their mind on what device to buy, even while knowing what they want in their tablet. Still, there are a few guidelines that should help when shopping for tablets.

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What is the tablet going to be used for? Like with smartphones and laptops, different tablets can be used for unique purposes like reading, watching movies, typing documents and gaming. One needs to figure out what matters most because what the device will be required to do is what determines the options to look at. If the gadget is meant for a range of uses, then it would be worthwhile looking at larger tablets with extended battery life. Such models are usually pricey.

Do you want a stand-alone or convertible tablet? While some devices lean more towards convertible laptops, others take the form of large smartphones. The former have hinges to allow them twist and transform from laptops to tablets, while the latter are comprised of a large panel with some buttons and connectors on the sides.

Stand-alone tablets are thinner than their convertible counterparts, so they're compact and portable. They're usually controlled using the screen, though a keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth. Convertible devices could range between full-size laptops that have a touchscreen, or come with a specially designed keyboard that attaches to the device by snapping on.

In order to run large applications and games smoothly, then one needs a device with a powerful processor and plenty of RAM. In a nutshell, the higher the specs, the better the performance. However, specs don't usually tell the full story, so it's vital to check out some benchmarks and reviews to get a glimpse of how a particular device performs.

Connectivity falls close behind hardware specs. If the device is going to be used in different places most of the time, then it needs to have 3G or 4G connectivity. Here, it's important to remember the cost of a monthly data bill to a wireless carrier. However, one could opt for Wi-Fi only if the device will mostly be used at home. Other areas to look at under connectivity include Bluetooth standard, NFC support and wireless charging capability.

Storage Options
Content forms the backbone of the tablet experience. Whether it's books, documents, music, movies or games, content is the main reason why people buy such devices. A reliable storage medium for the said content will be required. Some tablets come with a limited amount of cloud storage for free, after which one has to pay up. Others have expansion slots to allow one increase capacity at minimal cost. It should be remembered that the operating system takes up as much as 20% of the stated storage capacity. In reality, this means that 8GB of storage is effectively more like 6GB of useable space.

To ensure that the device feels good in the user's hands, it needs to have the right combination of weight, dimensions and balance. Well-designed tablets tend to feel better because the weight of the internal components is well distributed. A good device should also not have sharp edges or corners that feel uncomfortable when held. If portability is vital, then one should go for a small device that fits easily into a purse or pocket, and is light enough to be held using one hand.

Screen Quality
Want sharp, defined images and a wide viewing angle? Such attributes are determined by screen quality and panel type. The former depends on the resolution. For entry level gadgets, the threshold for a good viewing experience is about 1280 X 800 pixels, or thereabout. It's also important to look for the pixels-per-inch (PPI) to get an idea of how sharp the view will be. For the best angles, the tablet should either have an IPS or PLS panel.

Whatever one's needs may be, there are plenty of good options out there. All that's required is doing one's homework to see what's in different models and whether it conforms to what they're looking for. Having settled on a few options, one can then go shopping for tablets..

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