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Angry Birds Game Online

If you check out the rankings of the best apps downloaded for Apple's iPhone, you would find a rather impressive trend. The Angry Birds Game produced by Rovio Mobile is the most popular apps in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Poland, France, and over one hundred other countries, all the way down to Moldova and Kuwait. Why has this little game inspired such a fanatical following across the globe and become a bit of everyday lingo? The Angry Birds Game combines simplicity with appealing characters and an endless amount of replay.

Rovio Mobile is a Finland-based software design company that has produced games such as Burnout and Need For Speed. They decided to turn towards the mobile phone game market in 2009, realizing the lucrative ground as millions of customers around the world flocked to stores in search of next-generation smart phones capable of downloading complex games from the Internet's app stores. The inspiration for the Angry Birds Game came from several sketches of flightless birds, which the game's designers used to dream up a scenario in which the birds were upset from enemies having stolen their eggs. Without the ability to fly, however, these birds had to improvise a new form of retrieving their eggs. The choice of a pig for an enemy was the result of the swine flu epidemic that had caused major concern in the later part of the last decade.

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The game was released in December of 2009 and has seen approximately twelve million copies for the iPhone were sold in the time since. The company ported the system over to the Android line of smart phones and promptly sold another ten million copies. Critics and customers have been quite positive about the game, saying that it combines a clever story with vivid, colorful imagery. At the low cost of only a few dollars, it is also far cheaper than the vast majority of video games while offering quite a bit of replay value. It has since been ported into Angry Birds Games for video game consoles; an Angry Birds Game Online service may be found that hosts the game.

The Angry Birds Game features a player-controlled slingshot that is used to catapult the titular angry avian characters at their enemy green pigs. These pigs are either out in the open or within structures, but must be destroyed by the bird-launching sling. Select birds have special abilities that can be controlled by the player, and certain special enemies appear throughout the game. The evil green pigs, having stolen the angry birds' eggs, are sheltered behind various types of structures, made of wood, ice, and stone. The objective of each level is to destroy all the green pigs with your arsenal of sling and birds. At the earliest level, you have only the single red bird that is used for damage. As you progress, however, you get a better bird capable of different types of attacks. Some birds are better against clustered pigs, while others are better at breaking down barriers. The blue bird splits up into three separate birds for a mass damage attack, while the black bird explodes and consumes everything in a small area, and a white bird will drop destructive eggs. Using each of the birds in tandem will lead to either destroying all the pigs or reducing their structures so they can no longer be protected.

There are a number of different enemies. While all are green pigs, some are in different sizes. The smallest type pigs are the only ones in the early level and can easily be killed by a single hit from a bird or a falling bit of a building. As the levels progress, however, some of the pigs grow in size and cannot be killed by just a single shot. It takes more birds, furthermore, to take down some of the pigs wearing armor. A pig wearing a crown is the equivalent of a boss: it is the hardest of all and will take the most firepower to down.

Each level contains a determined number of pigs and birds, as well as the types of ammunition and enemies. Should you be able to defeat each pig without going over your allotted supply of birds, you progress to the next level of the Angry Birds Game. Should you fail to clear the level, however, you will have to try again. Points are awarded for pigs destroyed, buildings destroyed, and remaining supplies of birds. At the conclusion of each level, the points determine the award of one, two, or three stars. Players can play the completed levels as many times as they wish in the hopes of clearing all with three stars.

The initial package of the Angry Birds Game contained twenty-one levels under the title "Poached Eggs.” As early as February of 2010, however, the mass demand for the Angry Birds Game (as well as the popularity of ported versions like the Angry Birds Game Online) led them to release expanded downloaded content. These included new maps, new enemies, and even new birds to bring the fight against the green pigs. One such improvement added the tantalizing feature of golden eggs, which can be found in select levels, and offer bonus content to players who can retrieve them. Currently, there are six episodes of the Angry Birds Game, each featuring between fifteen and twenty-one levels.

As the iPhone version of the Angry Birds Game uses a touch screen interface, it has been different for gamers to adapt to the keyboard and mouse interface of the Angry Birds Game Online. Playing the game from a PC, of course, does not leave you with a smudged screen. The popularity of the Angry Birds Game Online has been so overwhelming that the gaming industry logs around three million hours per day, making it by far the most popular iPhone mod for online play. Indeed, the Angry Birds Game Online has an even stronger following than the iPhone version.

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